Blind Cleaning

Penguin Cleaning is the cleaning company in Warrnambool you can trust. Request a FREE blind cleaning quote today.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Have your venetian blinds cleaned by Penguin Cleaning, the only company in the South West that offers Ultra Sonic Cleaning. We collect your micro, slimline, timber or timber look venetians.  Transform them back to near perfect condition and return them at the end of the day.

At Penguin Cleaning we can also rejuvenate your faded cedar blinds back to life by cleaning then re-oiling the blades.   


Holland/Roller Blinds

Have your Holland/ Roller blinds cleaned by Penguin Cleaning in Warrnambool.  Your Block Out or Transparent blinds will be returned the same day refreshed and looking like new again.


Roman Blinds

Penguin Cleaning has perfected a unique cleaning system that cleans Roman Blinds.  Through many enquiries we set ourselves a task to perfect a system that would return your blinds back to near perfect condition.  We have succeeded and our results are amazing.

Give us a call we might be able to work some magic!

Need your blinds cleaned in Warrnambool?